Monday, January 21, 2013

Rogue's Prayer

On Sunday after CCD, Rogue came out of class with a sheet of paper.  It was about "Time for Prayer."  On it he wrote his prayer:

My eyes got super big and I laughed a little.  I haven't slept in a few days thanks to a certain almost one year old and the idea of less sleep... well...

So I told him to go show his daddy.  He went to show Tony and Tony laughed.

It was then that... that, well, we saw that we had hurt his feelings.  Really bad.  In fact there was the start of tears.

I quickly back-tracked and told him what a beautiful and wonderful prayer it was.  And what would he do if God gave us a girl instead.

We are always open to life, of course.  I would have a billion babies, (ok, maybe not a billion).  My family - my children - are such a blessing to me.  I would have more children happily and I can recall prayers to God to bless us with more children especially during the time when we lost Nicholas.  I can remember how deeply I felt and meant those prayers.

And remembering that, I couldn't help but feel bad for laughing at my son's sweet and honest prayer.  Sometimes I feel bad that my prayers right now are for some time... time to loose more weight, time for Tiger to grow some more.   It isn't easy to have 3 children under four, I know some of you know what I mean.  But I wouldn't change it for the world.

I smiled at Rogue, who smiled back all hint of tears gone.  I then told my friend that I better look out, because the prayers of a nine year old trumps my prayers.

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