Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tiger's First Birthday!

 You might have noticed that I haven't been posting much.  Wow, we have been sick, sick, sick.  Croup and all matter of illness.  So poor Tiger's birthday involved a lot of sniffles and red eyes around these parts. But most of us are on the mend now, but Tiger's birthday was still wonderful despite those sad faces up there.

Ever since Bear, I have tried to make crowns for all the kid's first birthdays.  (I used this tutorial over at Juicy Bits)  We made some for Rogue and Buttercup too.  With all that has been going on I found myself the night before Tiger's birthday cutting out and putting together his crown.  My mother in law sewed it together for me and I embroidered the T.  It is a fun little crown.  It is a hoot how they never want to keep it on, yet I insist on making it for their first birthday.

 Tiger got lots of homemade presents, and a few things from Armadillo Dreams.  There he is eating his present.  And never mind the Christmas wrap.

And of course there was cake!  It was gluten free from a mix.  Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.  It was like a big Oreo cookie!  We also had ice cream.  I have been getting a coconut flavor that is gluten and dairy free that is a dream... especially with chocolate cake!

Ugh.  I need to get better and get back to the gym.

I got a video of his first bite of birthday cake!  Be aware it is a bit noisy.  We are a loud family.  And Sweet Pea was right next to me... ok, we are just loud.

He had a very happy birthday, despite the coughing. I can't believe my precious sweet baby boy is already a year. Time just keeps going faster and faster.

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