Wednesday, January 23, 2013

yarn along ~ 1/23/13

Well we have been having a very interesting few days.  Tiger has croup.  Angel giggle box by day, wheezing and scaring mommy out of her wits at night. Last night after a trip to the ER the night before and a visit with the beast pediatrician in the world (I am so lucky) he did really well well last night.  It is likely due to the meds they gave him at the ER.  I am just hoping he will be better in time for his first birthday this Saturday!

I have been making him a few things for his birthday and the last one was a Milo vest but I am afraid I don't have enough yarn.  Considering I bought it from knit picks I would have to order it, so it will not be done in time.  I really ought to make up one of my saint dolls for him.  I might be able to do it before Saturday... well, if he is better. Hmmm...

Anyway, I did something different with the Milo, I am doing two cable bands under the arms.  It looks really cute in my head, lol.  We will see.  The cables are inspired by this hat, which since I have to buy more yarn I will probably make for him too.

I am also reading Cravings: A Catholic Wrestles with Food, Self-Image, and God.  So far it is wonderful.  I have really hit a plateau hard on my weight loss and it is driving me mad.  I think it is more a combination of stress and lack of sleep making me not loose weight.  I am hoping this book will help inspire me.  It really isn't a "diet" book (so far) as it is a way to try to look at how we eat and why we make the choices we make.  Very excellent.


  1. I love the Milo vest pattern. I too have run out of yarn on projects. A saint doll would be lovely, though.

    I agree with Kathy, hang in there. I do T-tapp and you aren't supposed to weigh yourself, you just measure inches. I find that helps me a lot. There are some youtube videos to try. Can you tell me where you got your book? It looks like a good read. Prayers for you and Tiger. Do you ever take him into the bathroom at night with a really hot shower running? The steam always helped our Noah when he had croup. If that didn't help, we bundled him up and took him outside to breath in cool fresh air. Usually one or the other worked and saved us from heading to the ER. It depends though, some kids need the meds and nothing else helps them. God bless.

    1. Hey Tina Marie! I got the book on Amazon. I got to read more at the gym and I am really enjoying it. It is really though provoking. Making me think about why I am overweight and why I stayed that way so long.

      Thank you! Tiger is doing much better. He was a little raspy last night but much, much better.

  2. I know you are right Kathy. Just hard to convince myself to keep working so hard. But I will! My husband hit a bad one too and he is loosing again. So I just must be a few weeks behind him. I will try not to bite his head off when he tells me he looses weight while I am not and going to the gym more, lol.


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