Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Halfway Photo Shoot

So Lily helped us by taking us outside and clicking a few photos so you could get a better before and after kind of look.


Ah, shoot, we are standing on the wrong side.  Aw well, there you go.  I am also down another size!  I went to the store the other day and got even smaller pants.  Yeah!

So, this Lent I am cutting sweets, cutting down on coffee (not giving it up entirely, I am not crazy!), adding lemon water in the morning, and more green tea.  I will also be training for a 5k... maybe?  No, no, I am.  I am.  I am.

Come April, I am going to run.  Even though I look like this when I do:

Also, I will be posting every Friday about my progress.  Lily and I are calling it Fitness Friday!

That is it for now!  I will try to be better about blogging, but February is going to be crazy around here!  But I guess that means I will have a lot to post about, too!

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