Thursday, March 7, 2013

{p,h,f,r} March 7, 2013


I really wanted to share with you some gorgeous pictures my daughter Lily took this last week.

The statue of Mary is from our parish church, Our Lady of the Mountain.  Tony grabbed Lily and had her come and take a few pictures.  Aren't they lovely?  And that daffodil... oh sweet spring, you are so close!


Some more happy faces from our afternoon in the sun the other day.  Hard to believe the next day it was raining and an arctic wind sent me running for my wool socks and a blanket!


Trying to get a four year old to smile...

... can be like trying to keep a wave upon the sand, as they say.  Some came pretty close though.  Maybe I need to knit him some more sweaters to get that sweet smile.


I found this on my phone.  I was trying to distract the two angry little ones while at Costco waiting for dad.  You can see how well it worked.  All I could think when I saw it was that I often feel the same way when grocery shopping.


For more {p,h,f,r} click the pic!

round button chicken

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