Thursday, March 28, 2013


My life has been nothing but cleaning and paint for going on two weeks.  I am not happy about it anymore.  I am done with it.  It is making me cranky.

I am not a very good housekeeper, mind you.  I do get utterly stressed out if my house is a big old mess but generally, I am not too anal about it.  In  fact, Tony gets quite upset if I am cleaning when he is home.

Yeah, I am lucky like that.  What will I ever do when he retires?

So for this edition of {p,h,f,r} I am going to rock your socks with our progress on spring cleaning.  But pretty is coming last... I like to shake things up a bit.


The little kids think spring cleaning is great.  They stay in their pjs all day, watch copious amounts of TV, and play games.  Here they are playing checkers with the wooden saint dolls (Rogue has Jesus, lol)... in their pjs, of course.


So as I was going around taking pictures I thought I would take a selfie, because everyone knows how cool those are, in my clean mirror.  Poo.  It looked clean.  Better do that one again.


Doesn't get much more real than that, does it?  Clothes that are way too big, books that have been living under my bed...  So much stuff.  I had to put the third seat down to get it all in there.


First came the front bath.  Every room in this house was desperate for paint.  I took the leftover color from the big girl's room, added a touch of white and painted away.  I freaked at first because it was still so BLUE.  But now that it is done and there are touches of red, it really looks good.

We painted the living room a lovely golden yellow.  It looks so good in this dark living room at any time of the day.  It warms the room up without making it darker, which is HUGE.

 New pictures of the kids up on our family tree wall!  I still need to get Tony's parents wedding photo into an 8x10.  Hmmm, better do that today.

Blurry, grrrr.  My mantle.  I have a thing for bears.  Don't tell, people will go mad and the only gifts I will ever receive will be bears.  Bear coffee mugs, bear pot holders, bear toilet paper holders.


I also have a thing for red.  I like red.  Red makes me smile.  But our poor little house is a bit dark so I can only add a touch of it here and there.  So this is my red door.   Rogue has already decorated it for me.

 This is where the living room wall meets the kitchen, right by the dinning area which we have completely outgrown.  If you have a good eye, you will have noticed a funny mark on the wall by my red door.  That is from the chairs rubbing against the walls because we are all squeezing in there like sardines.

 I continued the green through the upper kitchen and into the entry way.  I am loving the contrast.  I also did red on my back splash, but I am not too happy with it.  We are thinking we might tile it this summer.

I had so much yellow left over from the living room, I painted my back bathroom the same color.  Not sure I like it back there, but oh well.

 Window sills in all parts of the house have been painted, as well as trims, ceilings in both bathrooms and the kitchen (auch my aching neck), and some doors.

I am exhausted.  I need a nap.  But... there are lesson plans to be made and school to start up again, including Rose who is starting college next week.  No, I am not crying... I am just emotional and tired, that is all.  Who gave these kids permission to grow up?

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