Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Maria & Amy's Elegance

This week I am going to do something a little different and share with you some of my daughter Lily's creations!

March is a big birthday month here for us.  My birthday is the 4th and Daisy's is, well, today!  So Lily designed two new patterns for us! 

For Daisy's birthday she designed this incredible hat: The Maria.  

 And this is the one she made me!

 It is called Amy's Elegance.  

It is knit with two strands of sport weight but you could also do it in a bulky yarn.  There are not many shawls using bulky weight yarn and this one is so cute!

So yeah, we are totally spoiled!  Did I tell you she also made me another shawl!  It's another pattern she is working on and I will share it with you when she is done working on it, too.  Oh and you need to check out her blog: Lily Caroline Photography.  She has a post up right now with luscious yarn photos she took at a visit to one of our local yarn shops in Ashland, Oregon, The Websters, where, last Sunday I bought my first Madelinetosh.  Giggle.


  1. Oh my goodness! I love the hat!!! How did Lily come to design it? Does she have any special inspirations when she designs?

  2. Both pieces are lovely! Smart girl.

  3. You have a very talented daughter! I love both knits and they look lovely on the models :)

  4. I love the hat! Your daughter is very talented. Will you share the pattern?

  5. She is so talented! I LOVE that hat!!


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