Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring has Sprung

Well, I really didn't mean to disappear.  It was only about 10 days, although just posting a video really doesn't count much does it?

So I have been very busy, as you might imagine.  My husband is teaching me to play the guitar.  I am not very good, but I am enjoying it.

I have been making lesson plans and talking with teens about school.  This always seems to happen at the end of the eight grade.  Time to reevaluate and talk about why we homeschool.  I was better prepared this time than when Rose said she wanted to "try school."  I really ought to write a post about this sometime...

Trying to use cloth diapers again, since Sweet Pea is about ready to be potty trained it might be more feasible...

I decided after the tragic events in Boston last week, that I would do 52.4 miles, in honor of those that were injured and lost their lives at the Boston Marathon.  Since biking is a bit different than running, I decided I would double the length of a marathon so as to make it a proper honor.

The weather is changing here and the sunshine feels like gold.  We have been plugging through our lessons so that we might get more time outdoors.  You never know when the rain might come back, after all, it is still only April.

Besides painting our apple tree, we have been trying to keep Sweet Pea from picking every flower in the yard.

"Sweet Pea, don't pick that flower."

Innocent look.

"No pick the flower?"

"Nope.  Don't pick the flowers."

Then she turns on me!

We have been busy with altar server training, school, music lessons, teething, reading amazing books, and just loving our life.  When it is 70 degrees outside, even a bad day can feel like a blessing.

I have also been doing a lot of thinking.  Which can be good and can be bad.  Hopefully these times of reflection sitting in the sun are leading me in the direction God wants for me and for us.  A little more structure, a little more time to explore, and a lot more joy!

Hoping your spring is proving to be fruitful and joy-filled as well.

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