Friday, July 19, 2013

I Ran

Wiki Cert via a friend on Facebook. 
Yup.  I ran.

I don't particularly like running.  In fact, I feel rather like hippopotamus clumping on broken glass.   I lack grace, you see.  And I think grace helps you with running.

I mapped out my run, so I could get in a little over a mile.  So, this morning at 5:50 AM, I tied up my shoes and headed out the door.  As I was clumping along like a gazelle with a broken hip, I forgot what road I was supposed to turn on.  I wanted to avoid any high traffic areas, you see, so I planned out the run through the winding cul de sacs of my neighborhood.  Being a planner, I thought I would also map out a route for a 3 mile run, for when I am ready.

Well, that may not have been such a groovy plan, because in my coffee-free brain, I could not for the life of me recall which road was for which run.  So I found myself trying to guess.  I was out of breath and thinking how much more awesome this would all be on my bike, when I figured I would just turn on this road, because the one I wanted was nowhere in site.  Was it Wedgwood?  Whittham?  Crud.

So a few times I found myself running, or more likely walking, down a road and having to turn around and come back.  I had only a half hour before I had to be home so much husband could leave for work!

So as I was finally walking and texting my husband that I wasn't sure I would be home in time for him to ride his bike to work, I could not help but think, this had better have been at least a mile or I would be furious.

Luckily it was 2.39 miles.

I felt a little pro after that. 

I then quickly posted on Facebook asking all my running friends and relatives for advice.  Tony thinks part of my problem is I never wear shoes.  Humph.  Yet, he doesn't think I should try barefoot running.  Whatever!  Anyway, I got some great advice and learned that I was running wrong, which might explain the clomping like a drunk elephant.

Do you have any good advice?  Recommend any good You Tube videos?

I like the idea of running... just not sure about the actual running part.

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