Monday, July 22, 2013

The Easiest Pillowcase...

even I could make it!

My camera died.  I am in all black.  Until then I must use my iPad, so forgive any blurriness.
Last Christmas while thinking over my handmade Christmas ideas I had thought that I might be able to actually make a pillowcase for each of the kids and embroider their name on the cuff.  This did not happen, as I often make more plans than I can possibly carry out, but it had been on my mind a lot lately, since it has seemed that someone broke into our house and stole all our pillowcases.

I really ought to report it.

Anyway, while perusing Facebook while nursing Tiger and getting kicked by his little helicopter legs, I saw that the lovely Jessica of Shower of Roses had enrolled her girl's in a sewing class.  Chiquita had picked the most adorable fabric (they both did, but I am rather partial to nesting dolls).  I was thrilled when she told me she had picked it up a JoAnn's!

So trotting down there I found it and bought enough to make two pillowcases and enough cowboy fabric to make three pillow cases for the boys.

The next part was actually making them.  I thought I might just measure the fabric up to another pillowcase (if they hadn't all been stolen, evil I tell you) but thought better of it.  No, no.  I am going to do this right!

So thank you You Tube!  I found this excellent and super easy tutorial on how to make a really nice pillowcase.  Not just something you whip up and pray for the best.

Basically you need three different fabric, or the same what ever suits your fancy.  One strip of 2 inches, one of 9 inches, and another of 27 inches.

Now, I thought I would go for the embroidery thing, after all it is much too hot to be knitting on my enormous sweater, so I embroidered nesting dolls from Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection (I adore this book.  I love this book, it is the best book ever... ok, well best book ever for embroidery... I digress).  I then embroidered their names.

Buttercup's came together like a dream!  Whoosh done.

Sweet Pea's?  Poor thing.  "Mama?  Is dat a mine?"  "Yes dear."  "Mama, is dat a mine?"  "Yes, dear."  Her nesting doll didn't come out as cute and I had to rip out the seam on the cuff part twice because I kept sewing the part with name on the inside, even though I was so sure that second time.... Anyway, I tore out the seam again, and put it away.  Returned to it the next day and finished it after having to trim the seams up from all the fraying.

So poor Sweet Pea, I don't like hers as much.

Sweet Pea is at church right now (I went last night and sang in the choir loft with professional musicians... I think i am still shaking... Using a mike for the first time... Oh heavens... Just stare and Jesus and give it your all), so she hasn't seen hers yet, but Buttercup loved hers and decided to lay on it for awhile just to appreciate it.  She is so sweet!

All in all, this pattern is so easy and really fun, if you don't have to rip out seams.  But ripping out anything hand crafted is never fun.  I think it might just have to become a tradition around here for birthdays or Christmas... especially with all those pillowcase thieves around.


  1. I love the Russian doll fabric! We bought a different style of Russian doll material several years ago at JoAnn's. I just love them!! Great job on the pillowcase. We are the other way around because for some reason I love pillowcases and buy them at Goodwill and such when I see really pretty ones. I should send you some! LOL Love the new blog look too.

    1. Thank you! I really did have fun making them and am already working on the ones for the boys! I should check out Goodwill! We did that awhile back but we were looking to make pillowcase dresses... you know, before the robbery. ;)

  2. Those turned out so cute!! I have to show this to my girls! They'll love it. :)


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