Thursday, August 22, 2013

{p,h,f,r} Potty Training the Princess

This is my seventh time potty training and I love the result but hate the process.  So for this {pretty, happy, funny, real} I wanted to focus on the contentment side of the training, rather than the actual sitting there in the bathroom doing nothing all day and waiting... waiting... waiting. 


Right after watching Potty Time, Sweet Pea got the joy of picking out which pretty pair to wear first.  You see the creepy doll in the corner?  That is the doll that "shows" Sweet Pea how to go in the potty.  I just put a little water in a cup and pour it into the toilet behind the doll.  Then we praise the baby doll like crazy and when it is time to put baby's sticker (some I got free in the mail actually!) on the chart, the baby doll wants Sweet Pea to do it for her.


After realizing that sitting on the edge of the tub all day was not going to work, I decided to move into the tub.  Much more comfortable.  I thought it would be a bit of Sweet Pea and me time, but she seemed annoyed with me following her around all day and was quickly tired of playing with me.  During the time on her throne (I was reminded constantly that day that, "I am the PRINCESS!"), we would generally read, me in my lowly position in the tub.


Sweet Pea charting her success!  Every time she uses the potty she gets to put a sticker on her chart (two stickers for, ummm, well you know, the BIG one), which is conveniently taped to the wall where she can gaze at it while sitting on her new throne.


An extremely blurry Instagram moment of celebration!  I really miss having a camera!  Sweet Pea really has been a dream to potty train. Honestly, she might have been the easiest so far.  Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself, it is only day 3.  But thanks to Potty Time and my years of experience (lol) we got this!

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