Wednesday, August 28, 2013

{yarn along} Learning to Knit

Buttercup's first knit!

Since this week is dedicated to Back to Homeschool, I thought for this week's yarn along I would chat a little bit about teaching kids to knit.

Rogue's first knit!
I never made any of kids learn to knit.  It was always the child that came to me with the interest.  I fully believe that if a child does not have an interest in knitting or crochet then don't force it.  It is a craft that takes a lot of patience and while great for young minds, you don't want to force them to do it.  That would just take all the good benefits of knitting and toss them out the window!

That being said, if you knit, they will probably want to as well.  I am not sure I am a very good instructor, but somehow the kids figure it out.  I think Lily helped Buttercup more than I did!

A great place to start with teaching kids to knit is finger knitting.  This is so fast and easy, they will get the quick gratification which always hooks the new crafter.  Here is a really cute tutorial from Frontier Dreams: Four Finger Headband.

One great resource is the book A First Book of Knitting for Children.  It has some great little projects for beginning knitters!

Here are some links about teaching kids to knit:

Most of all have fun.  All my kids down to Buttercup know how to knit.  I am amazed when one of them creates something and the joy it brings them.  It is a skill they are very proud of!


  1. Thanks for all of the links! Kate has tried a few times and wants to learn. Callie got frustrated and gave up, but I hope she'll try again soon.

    1. I think it is really hard to learn as a kid. I did and quickly forgot. I am amazed that my 7 year old still tries!

  2. I will have to check out those links. My daughter can knit now (she is 10), but I tried to teach her much too soon I think. There really is quite a lot to coordinate with knitting.

    1. Give it time. She will probably pick it back up again. All my kids do that. They go through phases in their crafting. One month it is all about knitting, the next painting.

  3. I too will have to check out those links. I have failed at teaching my daughter how to knit or crochet. She wants to learn, but ends up frogging everything she starts.

  4. They love to imitate us, don't they? :)


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