Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More Pillowcases and a Skirt

Awhile back, I made some pillowcases for the little girls (click the link for the tutorial).  I am planning on trying to make one for everyone.  I didn't think about it till after a few birthdays had passed but they would make great birthday presents.  A new pillowcase a year?  They are super fast to make, even if you embroider their name and a cute little design.  Best of all it is a great gift for any age.  Even a teenager will like a funky pillowcase.  Oh, I need to find some Doctor Who fabric.  I did see some Downtown Abbey fabric the other day on Facebook, hmmm...  The possibilities are endless!

Anywho, I finally got Bear's done!  I ran out of the thread color I was using to embroider a little cowboy boot next to his name and wasn't sure when I was going to be able to actually find the exact color, since the store I bought it at is no loner selling thread.  Then school started for us, and that didn't go so well, so I had to rearrange everything... blah blah blah.

Well I finally got it done.  I am not as happy with the boot, but there you go.  Move on.  You will see I opted for the same brown as his name, trying to make it all meld together.  You know, an attempt to make it look like I didn't do the rest of the boot in blue on purpose.  Oh, I probably should have said anything, huh?  Anyway, Bear loved it.  He hugged it and then ran to his room to lay on it for a little while.  He then informed me I should have used penguins.  He likes penguins.

Can't please everyone all of the time, I suppose.  Humpf.

Aside from making pillowcases.  I made a skirt.  I took some of the leftover fabric from Sweet Pea and Buttercup's pillowcases and made Sweet Pea her birthday skirt.  This was so easy and I was rewarded with big smiles!  No mention of penguins at all.

I basically sewed the two strips together, made a tube, and then sewed in the elastic.  I did do an extra fancy stitch over the place where I sewed the two fabrics together, for stability and a little extra something.

There are probably fancy terms for all of this, but I don't know them!  Anyway, she loved it and so do I!  I wish I had more to make one for Buttercup.  I might have to go down to JoAnn's and pick some up soon!


  1. *I* think your boot looks fantastic! I don't know why pillowcases intimidate me----probably because they involve squared off cuts and perfectly straight seam lines that everyone sees. There's no "movement" as in a skirt!

    1. This tutorial really isn't bad Sara! I am a complete beginner and was able to do it. I had to start Sweet Pea's pillowcase over only because of the embroidery being upside down, lol. The others I got in the first try! Watch the video in the other post and you will see what I mean.
      Sewing straight? Is that humanly possible? lol


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