Saturday, September 14, 2013

{My You Tube} & Goodwill Shopping

Let's get this started! So here are my favorites from You Tube this week!

We just watched Into Darkness last night, so I have to add this find that Kelly shared with me on facebook:

50 ways to Pretend Your Smarter

A classic! Grab your Firebolt. I heard "Firework" on the radio this morning and this video is the only reason I listened to it.

Finally, had to share Stephen Colbert and his interview with Gary Willis. "Cause God?" Yup, Stephen, yup. There are no words to describe this guy other than "Not Catholic."

I thought I would also share with you some gems Lily and I saw at the local Goodwill yesterday. I literally cannot resist showing these babies to you:

For some reason Lily wanted to pass on this...

Man, these are soooo groovy!

Gotta love Goodwill!

Have a great weekend!

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