Thursday, September 5, 2013

{p,h,f,r} September 5, 2013

This week's {p,h,f,r} is just a accumulation of the contentment I have found in the last week or so.  This week was a bit rocky with starting school (again, the last three weeks have been rough, but I think we are finally finding our groove), so looking on the bright side...


AWESOME!  Look at that cabbage!!  Some friends of ours raided their amazing garden and loaded us up with a ton of veggies, including some pretty big cabbages!

Think I better learn to make some sauerkraut!


Oh, yeah, don't think you can hide from you little beauty.  You will soon be on my plate... 
Just a wee bit more red, you tasty little mater, then you and I have a date,
a date with destiny.


There are no words, this is just perfection.  Simple perfection.  

Remember what I told you: know this face, you will be her minions, there is no hope for you.  
Accept your future.


This is sad.  We missed the window for spraying our apple tree and now we have a ton of wormy apples.  I wish we knew of a clean, chemical free way to do this.  I guess I better start searching, unless one of you brilliant people know?  

You are wondering how this is contentment?  

Well, look, Bear is counting them!  Math is done for the day!  Boo ya!

round button chicken

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