Saturday, October 26, 2013

Scenes From a Saturday Morning

Tony is out of town this weekend helping his uncle move.  So I am holding down the fort while missing him, Rogue, and Buttercup who begged went along to keep him company and to distract him help.  I was thinking, why not share my morning here, you know for posterity's sake.

I actually built a fire!  Before I even had a cup of coffee.  I hear sainthood calling...

Wow, is it still dark out there or what? So dark I didn't worry about matching socks.  
I know I get a little crazy sometimes.

Then I had a cup of coffee.  I forgot to take my allergy medicine two days in a row, so my little friend is next to me.

Half a cup of coffee and some Pinterest later, the kid's start to wake up.

In order of appearance... you will notice Sweet Pea is already dressed... well, actually she fell asleep watching Veggie Tales before dinner and didn't want to wake up to eat.  So I just tucked her into bed.  After a few cuddles and diaper changes in front of the fire it is time for...

Breakfast!  They sip juice while I cook.  Dad's gone, so Bear is the Man of the House and drinks from daddy's mug.

Scrambled eggs with leftover turkey burgers chopped up in it and some dill.  

The kids didn't touch it.  They just ate the toast.

Let's keep that photo smallish, shall we?

Oh look, all the dishes from last night didn't get done... think about that later.

 While they play for a moment and Bear revels in his big boy status, I run out to get the paper and am reminded of all the other things that need to get done...

Rake leaves, stack wood, rake more leaves... maybe I should wait till Tony gets home?

As I walk back up to the house, I look at our pumpkins... really ought to carve those suckers.  But have to wait for Rogue and Buttercup!

Oh!  forgot to feed the cats!  Head to backyard, hearing screams.  Was that playing or fighting?

Hmmm, less leaves to rake, but what on earth is that ladder doing there?  Maybe I don't want to know.  Good thing it is under the little kid's window.

Finally, I get to sit down, maybe pop on some Pandora and knit while I start on java numero dos.  

  One of the teens wakes up and leaves the gate open...  wide open and Tiger finds freedom!   And he heads straight for...

The avocado tree.  

It had to come inside because it is too cold out there now.  My mother in law planted basil in there, too... don't ask me.  The tree seems to like it.  The basil doesn't like indoors, however, but the avocado sprouted new leaves since coming inside.  Yes, we sprouted this puppy.  This tree is now about 2 years old, maybe three.  I would ask Tony, but he isn't here.  *sniffle*

 Hey Buddy!  Don't touch...

Ok, time to go and brush teeth and get dressed.  Knitting will come during nap time... maybe?

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