Monday, October 21, 2013

The Cake That Wasn't

So this has happened to us before.  And it will happen again.  So I thought I would share with you what happens when a cake fails.  And trust me, in this house it happens.

Also, let me be straight forward right from the get go.  THIS IS NOT HEALTHY.  It is full of sugar and gluten and will make your butt big.  I warned you.

So for Rose's birthday I asked Lily to make the cake so I could get to sewing.  Well, as you read earlier, I botched that too.  So I had to run to the store and get more fabric.  But Lily needed to go to the store too, to pick up a few things for her science.  So we left poor Daisy alone with the 5 younger ones and asked her to take the cake out when it was done.

When sremoved them from the pans one of the cakes fell apart.

No biggy.  We put that one on the bottom, no one will be the wiser.

Lily started to make the frosting, which was from a mix, a gluten and dairy free mix due to all the allergies we have in this house. She hates making this frosting.  Usually Rose or I do it.  Well, she made it to thick and when she tried to frost the cake... well the whole thing fell apart.

So what did we have?  A bunch of unfrostable cake bits.  In the past I would have made cake pops, but I did not have time for this.  It takes a lot of work and I was still trying to make pillows.  We were going to put crushed Oreos on top of the cake, so we had crushed a bunch of Oreos and they were waiting by what was supposed to be Rose's awesome 19th birthday cake.

That was when I had a brilliant idea.  I took everything and put it in the mixer.  Crushed oreos, cake bits, and the frosting.  I then formed the cake stuff (technical, I know) into a pan lined with aluminum foil.

Froze it and ran to the store again.

This is where you stop me and say, "You didn't want to make cake pops because it would be too much work, yet you were willing to go to the store AGAIN?"

Well, I had to go pick up Rose from school, and pick up some zucchini for our gluten free lasagna.  See, we still eat healthy sometimes.  So I picked up a half a gallon of cookies and cream ice cream.  When I got home I put it in the mixer and softened it up.  While it was mixing, I spread hot fudge (which I also bought at the store) on the cake, cookie, and frosting stuff.  THEN I put the ice cream on top, smoothed it out and put it in the freezer again.

If I had been even more brilliant, because face it, I was beyond stressed and created a awesome ice cream cake off the top of my frazzled brain while up to my eyeballs in fabric scraps and thread.  That counts for some level of brilliance, even if I say so myself.  As I was saying... If I had been even more brilliant I would have topped it with whip cream and then dusted the top with more crushed Oreos. 

I have to admit that I totally blew any hope I had for loosing any more weight this week and ate some of this.  I got a gluten headache and I am very sad to admit... It was so worth it.  This was so GOOD!  Everyone agreed.  And if you don't believe me, watch this:

Oreos are crack.

So I wish I had an incredible picture to show you the finished product.  But we ate it all.  I thought about sharing it with you all while making it, but I admit that I was not thinking of the blog while eating this masterpiece.  If I make it again, and I may not since I am now deathly afraid of my scale, I will click away and put whip cream and dusted crushed Oreo cookies on top.  I promise.

So here is it:

Mistake Cake

1 cake you accidentally or on purpose broke when trying to get it out of the pan
1 package of frosting
1 package of Oreos (I used Double Stuff, BABY)
1 12 or so ounce jar of hot fudge
1 Half Gallon Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

In a mixer combine broken cake, frosting, and most of the crushed Oreos.  Leave enough crushed Oreos for the top.  Press cake mixture into an aluminum foil lined pan, about a 9 x 13, depending on how thick you want the layers.

Freeze for 1 to 2 hours.

After the time is up, place ice cream in the mixture to soften it.  While mixing the ice cream, spread hot fudge sauce, you do not need to heat it up, on top of frozen cake mixture.  The top with the softened ice cream.

Freeze for at least another hour or two or until ready to serve.  Remove from pan and peel off foil.  Top with whipped cream and dust the top with the rest of crushed Oreos.

Enjoy immensely!

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