Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Daybook That Isn't a Daybook ~ Autumn 2013

I was thinking about doing a daybook, but then I thought maybe I would just share with you some of our autumn days, since today is such a big and busy day and I am not sure I could organize my random and scattered thoughts this morning!

I have costumes to finish up (mostly ironing and pinning), hair to do, pumpkins to carve (I know, last minute), buy black ink, apples, and bring lunch to Tony at work because we ate every single Italian burger Rose made last night!  Oh and I also have to call the people who are supposed to come fix my washing machine, who have not yet.  Right now every appliance in my house is either broken or on its last legs.  I am just praying we make it to tax return time before anything else goes completely.  The dishwasher and washing machine are completely down right now.  The fridge is leaking water from the freezer into the fridge.  I have a bowl collecting the water at the bottom.  One of the burners is out on my stove and the door is busted.  It is never just one thing, lol!

I just love autumn.  So I am focusing on that instead of appliances that are working towards my demise.  The kids have been busy helping me rake up leaves and clean up the yard for winter.  I have plans come spring for a nice play area.  This winter, unfortunately, it will be a soupy, muddy mess.  Not that the kids will mind.   They will love getting dirty and I will have to bathe them three times a day!  Ah, it is all good, right?

Hey!  Did you ever do rag rolls?  Somewhere there is a picture of me eating a gingerbread man in footie pjs with rag rolls in my hair.  No, it wasn't yesterday!  Well, anyway, I used to do this with the big girls when they were little and I realized I hadn't done it with little Sweet Pea yet...

It came out so cute!  Thinking this might be a Saturday night routine for Sunday mass!  I don't know if I should admit to what I used, as I am sitting here writing it, I guess I have to... I used flannel diaper liners!  Since I have had such bad luck with cloth diapers, I have a ton of these things around.  And they were perfect!  Kind of soft to sleep on too, compared to old sheets!  Just, please, don't tell Sweet Pea when she is a teenager.  She will never forgive me. 

Ok, I am headed off to start this big day!  Can't wait to get some photos of my little saints in training all ready for their big night!

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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