Friday, November 22, 2013

Boys' Hair Cut!

So I found a real find on Pinterest awhile back and I thought I really ought to share it with you.  I am so happy to have found these videos for this very reason:

Terrible quality photo, sorry!
Look at his hair!  It is crazy thick and wild!  I was scared to tackle it!  But tackle it I did.  This is actually the second time I have cut the boys' hair and I think it came out really well, considering I am not in anyway shape or form a professional!

Here are the videos from Locks and Locks of Hairstyles (they have great tutorials on girl's hair too) that I found most helpful:

 Boys Hair 101 (with just shears):

Boys Hair 110 (with shears and scissors):

How about some before and afters?  Well, you see the before of Rogue (yikes!), so here is the after:

I think someone doesn't like having their picture taken...

How about Bear?




Hmmm, and perhaps someone else likes having his picture taken TOO much!

Don't forget Tiger!

He is wondering why mommy stripped him down to his diaper and draped him with a tablecloth...


Trust mommy!  She has Pinterest!

So definitely not a Pinterest fail.  Not perfect but I think with practice it will just get better and better and save us quite a lot of money, seeing as how fast Rogue's hair grows!  Oh and I also have a pair of thinning shears which I used on Rogue's hair.  It was crazy necessary.  Don't be afraid of them, they are awesome!

Do you guys cut your kid's hair?  Any helpful hints?

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