Monday, November 4, 2013

Punkin' Chunkin'

This last weekend we had a big Cub Scout event called the Punkin' Chunkin'.  It was pouring down rain, but the kids had a blast, and the rain did eventually dissipate.  

Several troops from our area met at a farm outside Ashland where they set up a catapult and some slingshots!  We then proceeded to shoot pumpkins into orbit!

I don't think he is awake yet or happy about being on the freeway, lol
We pulled all the kids out of bed, dressed them as fast as we could and headed out in the rain.

 Eventually the rain let up and the sun came out!  

And then left again...

And them came back...

 I think some of the teens might have been wondering if they should have gotten out of bed!

 Well, there was donuts!  And that always brings smiles!

Seriously though, it was super cool and now my husband's pack is wanting to build their own catapult!

Not sure where we would put it...

Here are some videos of the kids doing their thing:

The kids had a great time launching pumpkins and I know they are already looking forward to going next year!

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