Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blue & Gold 2014

Every year the Cub Scouts host a dinner called the Blue & Gold.  It is basically a cake decorating contest for dad or mom and their scout, plus dinner!  I thought I would share with you Tony and Rogue's cake this year.

Rogue had huge plans, like four tiers and little cub scout cookies climbing it.  It got more and more complicated the closer to the day the cake actually needed to be made.  In the end they went with the theme "Snowcapades!"

The whole cake has to be edible.  You cannot use anything on the cake, even supports, that cannot be eaten.  This makes the challenge even greater.

The cakes are put on display and then the leaders make a bunch of boring speeches...


Everyone eats after some silly skits and, of course, prayer lead by our parish deacon, whose grandson happens to be in our troop.  It was a big spaghetti feed, homemade!  We don't eat a lot of spaghetti around here... gluten you know... so it was funny to watch Sweet Pea work on those noodles!

Out priest came by later and ate with us.  I offered to take all the leftover cake to his house, but he refused kindly.  :)  So we had to take ours home and considering all our dietary issues in this house it was a huge temptation.  Some things can be worth a tummy ache!

The kids had a lot of fun running around with the balloons and I had a blast with my new camera, an early birthday present!

Oh and yes, Rogue won a prize!  He got "Best Weblos Cake!"  It is his last year in Cub Scouts, so it was a great prize for his final cake bake!

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