Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Boy or Girl?

Since I am soooo old (or so they keep telling me) I have to have extra tests done this pregnancy.  One of which is actually a DNA test and will, this early (12 weeks), tell me if we are having a boy or a girl.

So, yesterday morning I got the call.  Baby looks strong and healthy with no complication and it's a...


I wanted to do something special this time.  I was going to do something special to tell everyone I was pregnant, but it was such a high stress time that I ended up blurting it out in tears one night because I had a tummy ache.  Hormones are so much fun.

Anyway, I scoured the internet trying to see if I could find something fabulous, and decided to go with what Charlotte did over at Waltzing Matilda.  I was going to make cupcakes!

Any excuse, right?

Voting was Boy: 4 and Girl: 5
I printed off a little chart so everyone could vote and stuck it up, then, skipped off to the store and bought my favorite gluten free mix (because since I got pregnant that has been something that has gotten worse).  While the cupcakes cooled, after a good 25 minute bake, I took everyone (and the kitchen sink) to where they needed to go and then ended up taking the cupcakes back to my bedroom to fill them in secret.

I cleared off my dresser and whipped up a little bowl filled with colored vanilla frosting.  The best part, was when I grabbed the box with food coloring in it, there was blue spilled inside, so I got a bit on my hands...

I knew that unless I wanted to wear gloves until we ate the cupcakes I was going to have to break out the red, so I didn't give anything away.  I was even so prepared!  I had surgical gloves to wear while making and using the frosting so I would give nothing away!

I don't have any really cool cake decorating stuff, so I found this cool you tube video (which I cannot find now, of course!) where the lady used an apple corer to take out the middle.  Then she used a fancy piping bag to fill them.

I used a green baby spoon.

When you use the apple corer you pull out a bit of a plug, so I put those all on a plate, then I filled the inside, finally, you can break that little cork to make it smaller and put it back!  Wipe off the top and then frost the cupcake as usual!

I wanted to be careful to wipe them off really well, since I didn't have a handy-dandy piping bag, because I was using white frosting and if any color leaked through, it would give it away!

After I did this, no one wanted to wait for after dinner, even though it was in the oven at that very moment.  So we gathered around the table.

Sorry, the video is so dark!  The funny part was Lily saw my hand before I added the red dye.  She thought it was a boy!

It was a lot of fun and the rest of the evening involved discussing names and different saints we could name our baby after.

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