Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thankful Thursday ~ April 3, 2014

 I am joining Jamie today to share some  

Thankful for free coloring pages!

  Let me see your face!  There it is!

 Thankful for little readers...

Thankful for all the laughs they bring me.

Thankful for allergy medicine approved by doctors and that works!

Thankful for women not afraid to go grey.  Like Kendra and Tracey.

Hmmm... I tried to capture mine, but for some reason, the camera doesn't think it is as bad as I do.  Although I am trying embracing it.

Thankful for two year olds who wear socks on their hands for no good reason.  You should have heard the fit he threw when I tried to take them off before I took him to the store the other day.  I didn't want people to think he was OCD or something.  But then, he is my son.  

We won't go into my OCD tendencies.

And finally!  Thankful for baby bumps!  This one is almost 12 weeks.  Impressive, huh?

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