Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Peg Doll Makeover

A lot of our old wooden peg dolls had seen quite a bit of love.  As you can see...

So I got to work prepping them.  I took a lot of the darker color ones and covered over them with a lighter color so I could repaint them with the colors I have now.  I also did the same to their faces because I wanted to make them a little more simple.

So I decided it was about  time to give them a bit of a makeover!  I fixed up the peg alphabet dolls.  The kids really love these and I have to admit I have never used them for the purpose I intended, which was to help with reading!  The reason why is that the kids often kidnapped them and before you know it there is a letter missing.  Inevitable it would be an important one like "A."

Then I just started to paint some dolls and it occurred to me that I should make seasonal ones!  I don't have the steadiest of hands, but they are toys, so I figured I am good.  :)





I have to admit the autumn ones are my favorite!  There are still a ton waiting for a revamp and new paint.  This time I have used Mod Podge to seal them and I feel that these paint jobs will last a lot longer!

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