Thursday, June 19, 2014

Being Gluten Free is Not Enough

So Tony and I were talking and we have really let things go.  We know what works when it comes to weight loss and feeling healthy.  We just have gotten lazy.  So why not go back to Paleo?  When Tony and I did and we felt better, we lost tons of weight and Tony’s blood pressure went from extreme to low!  All while eating high fat foods.  All we did was give up most grains and sugar.  We never counted calories.  NEVER.  Now we not were strict Paleo because we did eat dairy, but high fat dairy.  Whole milk, cheese, whole fat yogurt (if we could find it, lol), etc.  We also occasionally ate beans but only black and garbanzo.

We totally let thing slide, however, in the last few months.  While still being gluten free.  Let me explain...

The funny thing is since I got pregnant I am even more gluten intolerant than I was!  I have heard it said that many people who actually can't eat gluten at all can eat it when pregnant.  I guess I am the opposite.  Typical!

So far (I am now 22 weeks), I so much as look at a tortilla and I get sick for three days.  Ok, yes, that is an exaggeration.  But I got sick for a full day this week and the only thing I can think of is I put my gluten free pizza in the same leftover box as my kids gluten filled pizza. 

Gluten free pizza?  Yes, That is my point.  Nowadays there is a ton of products out there that are gluten free.  Did you know that Reeces Peanut Butter Cups are gluten free.  You better believe there was great rejoicing in this house when I found that out.  Did you know that Dairy Queen's Peanut Butter Parfait's are gluten free?  Peanut Buster Parfait's are Tony's kryptonite.  Give a man that vanilla soft serve, hot gooey chocolate fudge and peanuts and he will do anything.

So just because something is gluten free does not mean it is good for you.  In fact, a lot of gluten free products are high in sugar and to be very very honest the one thing that is going to make you fat is sugar.  Bread turns into sugar.  Corn is sugar (corn syrup, anyone?).  

Avoiding grains and sugar is not easy.  In fact to avoid it completely is impossible.  And can lead to one very grumpy person.  Gluten free flours that you get at the store will have things like potato starch and rice flour.  Those things are not Paleo.  But if you limit their use you will be just fine.  That means going to the store and buying loaves of gluten free bread and eating it every day is really not going to help you loose weight.  In fact, you might start gaining weight.  

When I got pregnant I thought I had better introduce grains back into my diet.  That was when I found out that wheat was not on of the grains I could eat.  It was a huge moment of enlightenment actually.  I recalled past pregnancies and all sort of problems I had.  And if I had just avoided gluten....  Anyway, I digress.  But things like rice were no problem.  And I started to eat a lot of rice.  And a lot of sugar.  And suddenly I was gaining weight far too quickly.

Yes, I am pregnant and I should gain weight, I am talking really easily!  And Tony started putting on weight.  We started following the letter of the law and just pretending that whole sugar thing was no big deal.

Falling into old habits is really easy.  And one of the things you have to do is realize what your triggers are.  Watch the excuses.  I was using my pregnancy as an excuse to overload on sugar.  Tony just went along for the ride.

So that leaves you with the unhappy task of overcoming those evil addictions to sugar and cheap food again.  That is the hard part.  Cheap food is easy fast and nice on the pocket book.  But leaves you sick, fat, and miserable.  Which is NOT nice.

You see, I have been living gluten free and not being healthy.  It is very easy, in fact, to live a completely gluten free lifestly and not be healthy.  If weightloss is your goal, especially!  There is more to loosing weight and/or being healthy than simply avoiding gluten.

You have to be willing to make a change and that change has to be deep rooted.  You have to face the issues that lead you back to food time and time again.  Know your triggers and pray for God's guidance.  Weight loss and being healthy is not only about eating lots of veggies, avoiding sugar, and getting exericse.  It is about comabtting those triggers and not letting your inner critic tell you that you are no worth it.

Because, you know what?  You are SO worth it!  Things worth doing are not always easy, but in the long run you will be doing things you only dreamed of doing!

So here are a few links to inspire you and me!

How about some books?  (affiliate links, thank you!)

Which leaves me with another thing you have to do... Exercise....

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