Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fairy Wands

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So this last May 1st we had a fabulous little May Day celebration.  I was trying to think of little fun crafts the kids would enjoy and I thought of fairy wands!  Of course, what I ended up doing would not be a project for little hands, but older kids could definitely make these.

So here is what you will need:

  • wooden dowels
  • floral wire
  • wire cutters (those were the only ones I could find, lol)
  • floral tape (I was thinking fancy duct tape would also be great)
  • small bells
  • ribbon
  • artificial flowers (optional)

First take one of the dowels and cut some floral wire.  You want to cut enough that you can wrap it around the dowel several times and have enough for a loop at the top.  Probably about 7-10 inches.

You will want to take the wire and in about the middle, wrap it loosely around your finger and twist.  Then wrap the wire around the dowel several times till secure, leaving the loop your finger made above the top of the dowel.

Now, you could also slide the bells onto this same wire, but I didn't think of that when I started.  I was doing this all off the top of my cluttered brain, mind you.  However, it might be easier to just cut a little more wire and then slide the bells on and twist away.

After you have secured the wire in place, take your floral tape and start wrapping!

Now, floral tape is sticky, but not that sticky, so you need to pull as you twist it around the wire and dowel.  This is where some pretty duct tape might come in handy instead.

Leaving the loop at the top, wind the floral tape around a few times, securing the wires and covering any pointy ends of the wire you make not have been able to smooth out.

And here is why I don't recommend this for little ones...

Yes, folks, that is my blood.  That wire can be sharp and mean!

If you have some artificial or even real flowers, you can add those too.  Line them up on the dowel by those bells and wrap more floral tape around them.

At this point, bring in all the little ones.  Let them pick out what color ribbon and let them loop them through your nice little hoopy thing at the top.  Cut lots of different lengths and colors!  Knot securely, of course.

Another option is to string several bells onto the wire and and wrap around having them all at the top, take a leaf (artificial or otherwise) and wire that on too.  Cover in floral tape and voila!  A forest elf wand!

Than all you have to do is sit back and watch the kids play!

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