Monday, June 23, 2014

Tony's Week 2014

Usually Tony's birthday and Father's Day are only a few days apart, but this year it was a whole week away.  So we got celebrate a week of dad this year!

So in honor of his birthday, today, I thought I would share some pictures of the great time we had with him this Father's Day.  It all started at the park.

While at the park we saw that a farmer's market was open down the road so we took a little walk and enjoyed the music, food, and fun.

While there we enjoyed locak honey, a sample of chocolate barbeque sauce and some vegan gluten free chocolate and coconut cookies!

 Near the farmer's market there was a small little art gallery set up so we walked around and enjoyed the wonderful work of local artists.  Sorry no pictures allowed!  Then I took the little ones, who had enough art, and sat outside in the sunshine while dad and the others enjoyed a little more leisurely.

It was then home for BBQ (no chocolate barbeque sauce this time, but next time we are so getting some!) and presents for dad!

I could not find a decent recent picture of us.
This was as good as I could get, lol.
It was really such a blessed day!  I am so grateful to God from gifting me with the most wonderful, supportive, and loving husband and father.  I could not ask for more!

Happy birthday, Tony!

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