Wednesday, July 23, 2014

{yarn along} July 21, 2014

I finished it!  I gave a little sneak peak of it in my daybook on Monday, but I finished Posy's first sweater.... well, other than I am short one button.  We will see when I can get off my duff and go buy more.  I love how I will have to buy a strip of seven just for one.  But I will make use of them!

I really like this pattern and have made a few.  It is a simple straight forward cardigan but with the buttons off to the side give it a bit of a more fun look.  It is a great sweater pattern for beginners, for sure!!

I just started a little pair of socks for her, since everything I want to make for her seems to require DK weight yarn and next week is payday.  Actually I have books I want to get too... oh the quandary!  Books or yarn?  Yarn or books?

Speaking of the written word I am almost done with Pope Awesome and Other Stories.  I am really enjoying this book!  It had me almost laughing out loud in the dentist waiting room, making everyone look up from the electronic devices and wonder who the crazy lady is laughing at paper.

I am also reading  The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning.  I am also really enjoying Simcha's perspective on this.  NFP has always been hard for me and so reading through her thoughts and those from Jennifer Fulwiler in Something Other Than God, have really helped me keep my focus and prepare me for that lovely post-partum period of uncertainty that will hit me sometimes in late October.... or with my luck early November.  Anyway, it is a nice reminder of WHY NFP is so important.


  1. Beautiful sweater, I love the colour of the yarn.

  2. I love your baby's new sweater ~ the color, the side buttons! It's adorable! I read "Pope Awesome" during Christmas last year and really enjoyed it. VERY funny and VERY real!


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