Saturday, November 29, 2014

Family Movie Night

It was a bedtime, about twelve years ago, when a sweet little girl looked up at me with huge chocolate brown eyes and said so innocently, "Mama, I don't want to go to bed.  I want to be with you."

Look at that face!  Those uneven bangs and impish smile.  How could I resist?
I mean seriously??

So that was our first movie night.  I pulled Daisy out of bed and told Lily and Rose to get up too.  They all looked confused but did what they were told.  The four of us curled up on the couch, ate snacks, and watched a movie.  I don't remember what we watched, but I remember how good it felt to sit there with my little ones in a dark living room with the flickering light of a movie playing out before us.

For the last twelve years we have tried to have a movie night every week.  Of course, this is not always possible and some were fancier than others, but we tried to make one happen whenever possible.

We would sometimes rent movies but that sometimes got us in trouble.  It is hard to know exactly if movies are family friendly or not.  There are some PG-13 movies that are more appropriate that PG!  And sometimes we recall movies from our childhood as far more innocent than they were!

It can be boring though to watch the same movies over and over.  So one way to avoid this it to have each of the younger kids pick out a movie, place them face down before mom or dad so we don't know who picked what movie, and then we would pick.  This can also help if you know you are starting the party a little late!  You can pick the shortest one!

Here is my newest Pinterest board that I will be filling with our family favorites:

Follow Amy Caroline's board Family Movie Night on Pinterest.

The idea behind a family movie night is not about how great or grand it is.  It is about being together watching inspiring, educational, or thought provoking movies.  It is all about bonding over shared experiences.

I can tell you quite firmly that we all would say this is one of our favorite things we do as a family and we have created countless memories that will last us all a lifetime.  Sometimes the simple things can be the most powerful because we treat them as special.

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