Thursday, December 11, 2014

{p,h,f,r} December 11, 2014

Things have been totally hectic around here.  We are down to one car that can go any distance and it only seats seven people.  So when there are 11 of us, that proves a challenge!  Especially when three of those eleven people work and one goes to school outside the home.  Plus piano lessons, recitals, and Daisy's school once a week 20 minutes away, you can imagine.

Last Sunday, between mass and recitals, we went up to the local u-cut place and got a Christmas tree.  We had been invited to go up the woods, which we desperately wanted to do, but we just couldn't pull it off.  So this was the next best thing.

We go to the same lot almost ever year, Bob's U-Cut, despite the fact the lady there flirts with Tony every year.  Apparently she is very fond of his eyes.  It is run by a couple close to their eighties!  They are amazing. 




Tony picked out a tree, but we weren't too keen on that one.

We soon found out tree and Rogue cut it down all by himself.  When I pointed out to him that there were grown men out there cutting down their trees with chainsaws there was an immediate and overflowing abundance of manly pride.

Which continued all the way to the car where he climbed on top of the van and struck a victory pose.  And he wasn't the only one being silly, of course...


And in case you were wondering, Buttercup and Rogue also carried the tried for a quarter of a mile to the car!  no Sweet Pea didn't help!

And I can't post without one photo of Posy!

For more {P,H,F,R} head over to Like Mother, Like Daughter.  God bless and have a lovely Advent!  2 weeks till Christmas!

"For unto us a child is born." ~Isaiah 9:6

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