Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What I've Been Knitting

I haven't been able to do as much yarn play here lately, sadly.  I am praying for things to slow down without people getting sick, injured, or broken in some way.  That would be awesome.

So with all this running around I have been able to get a few rows in here and there.  In March it was Maria's birthday and I was able to make her a cowl.  She even wore it on Easter... wait!  I haven't even posted about Easter!  Goodness.  Anyway... here she is...

I was wanting to make The Honey Cowl for awhile now, I think it has been in my queue for... oh I don't know... years.  And I of course twisted the stitches when I cast it on, but it came out great anyway.

Another cowl I have been wanting to make is The Riverbank.  I am about halfway done with it, but had to take a break because the weather changes dried out my hands so much the needles were actually hurting.  This normally wouldn't be a problem, as I would have just slapped some band aids over my fingers (yeah, I'm hardcore) and kept going.  But we were out of band aids.

As for reading I have been slowly working my way through It Starts With Food.  There is a lot of great information in there and it helped me to figure out a few questions I had about Paleo, such as why no dairy other than the concept that people are allergic to it.

I'm also reading Matilda with the kids (I love the cover on this edition).  I have never read this, but the older girls and I have seen the movie a million times as it was one of my mom's favorite -- did you know she was the principal at a small Catholic school?  I wonder if she had a chokey.

So what your you crafting and/or reading lately?


  1. sweet! I love the honey cowl - beautiful color for a beautiful young lady.
    I am waiting for a copy of the It Starts with Food book from my library -sounded interesting - good to know you think it has some good info, will keep waiting.

    prayers for a healthy spring

  2. Matilda is a best loved favourite in our home and even now that my girls are big they still enjoy watching it on occasion :) Your honey cowl is beautiful, it has been in my library for ages now (I gave up and took it back off my queue :( ), but seeing yours makes me want to knit it again.

  3. Beautiful cowl — and oh my goodness. Matilda is probably my favourite ever. I was just like her as a child, such a hopeless bookwormy thing. :)

  4. I love Matilda and all things Roald Dahl and i, too, have an unhealthy obsession with yarn. Oh, and food. Both/and, really. I wish you lived by me.

  5. Love the cowl and the Riverbank! I just put that into my queue! I wish my library had It Starts with Food.

  6. Love that pretty cowl. I wish I could wear them. They make me claustrophobic-- just looking at one makes me anxious. I can tie a scarf around my neck but there's something about not being able to loosen a cowl that makes me crazy. I'm strange. ;-)

    Thanks for the mention of my shop in your last post. Sorry it's kind of cleaned out right now. No time for making rosaries when I'm sewing night and day. :-)

  7. Ah, I love seeing what people have been knitting :) It's one of those crafts I'm not even going to ATTEMPT until I have fewer saboteurs around the house, but it's so satisfying seeing everybody else's progress! Lovely :)

  8. My 4 year old and I are working our way through roald dahl's books at the moment, but we haven't made it to matilda yet. It was my favourite as a child, because I was very bookish, but I never managed to move anything with my mind. I tried! Sadly for us English readers the film is very americanised.


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