Monday, July 13, 2015

Lavender Fields Forever

We had an absolutely insane weekend.  There were so many things going on and we tried to do as much as we could.  In fact, we did more than we should!

The first thing we did was to visit a Lavender Festival.  Online it sounded much more magical, so I have to admit we were a little disappointed.  It was fun though to go out and look at all the crafts and say hello to the little gaggle of geese and sheep.

And there they are, minus one of the crew, since she had to work.  And yes, you cannot get them all to make a nice face at once.  So even though it wasn't quite what we expected it was fun and a great opener for the other things we did over the weekend!

One thing that truly struck me this weekend was the fact that my kids are growing up.  I mean, I know... But knowing that Rose could not come with us, it was a big reminder that they are all moving on and soon there will be no more pictures of the whole gang on these outings.  Pictures with all of our kids will soon become a rare thing.  This parenting thing is a real roller coaster, isn't it?

Stay tuned for more of my madness.  I will be recovering this week for the most part... other than laundry, cleaning, cooking, a park day, a birthday, finally finishing math from last year...  
Then again, do we moms ever get a moment to recover?
 I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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  1. ah - we usually feel like we have 4 children now as our oldest 2 are very rarely with us. But - on the upside, we do enjoy being with them much more.


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