Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Stepping Back into the Civil War

One of our other crazy adventures last Sunday was to go to a local farm and experience a wonderful look back in time to the Civil War.  Now, we missed some of the really cool things, like a singing lieutenant and the surgeon, but we were awful close to a working Civil War canon rifle! 

This was a big surprise, as we didn't know this was going on.  We just happened to pass by on our way home from the Lavender Festival.  We stopped, hungry kids in tow, and fed them hot dogs before we headed out to check out the stations.

Yes, that is a authentic Civil War Era hearse.

But it was getting very muggy and some people were in desperate need of a good nap...

So we took our ketchup and mustard covered children home for a nap and then, yes, we got back in the Beast, aka our 12 passenger van, and headed out to another adventure.  One which I wished I had missed.

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