Thursday, September 17, 2015

Once Upon A Paracord, a Manly Stapler, and a Hot September

My husband.  That man has put up with so much lately!  You have no idea.  Please offer up a prayer for him.  Everything around the house is falling a part all at once.  Trust me, I am not complaining!  It all works out, but my poor husband goes to work everyday and then comes home and starts working on everything that needs fixing.  God bless him!

One of the things that broke was our dryer.  This was literally the same day we fixed the washing machine.  The heating element and the timer are busted.  I mean seriously, we all just laughed.  What else can you do?

So I found some Paracord in the closet and strung up  lines outside. Tony was at work, otherwise he would never have let me do this.  You see, I found one of those manly staplers... I can't think of the official word.  I could google it I guess, but really I'm too lazy.  Anyway, I stapled one end of the paracrod to the roof and strung it around the backyard.

We were so backed up with laundry because of the washing machine being out, that it was crazy.  I had to find more rope to make another line.

Last weekend Tony asked me, "Ok, what do you want more?  Brakes for the minivan or a dryer?"  Yes, the brakes went out on the minivan, too.  I picked the minivan.  Can you imagine a household of 11 people with only one car?  And three of those people have jobs with hours all over the place?  It was not pretty.

It was the first time in forever I was glad for a hot September.

So I still have my paracord and rope laundry lines up.  Sometimes I feel like such a redneck... or ingenious.

I'll go with ingenious.


  1. Ingenious it is! Although I must say I'm very surprised you can hold up all that laundry with staples! We have an official clothesline here, and I love it. It only had four lines, though, and there are quite a lot of us, too, so I just tied some extra lengths of rope in between the original four. :-)

    1. But, you see Jenny, it was a manly powerful garage type stapler. You know, like men with toolbelts use. ;)

  2. We are not allowed to have clotheslines here! :-P I might be able to get away with a few clothes on a hastily-stapled line, but not the amount you have going. Someone would surely turn me in! Good call on the brakes. :-)


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