Monday, November 16, 2015

A Handmade Christmas 2015: Etsy and More!

I don't want to freak you out, BUT Advent is well right around the corner, in less than 2 weeks!!  So get ready for some Handmade Christmas posts!  You have a little over a month to get ready but not much longer to order, so lets get going, shall we??

At this time every year I like to post up a few really cool Etsy shops that you should check out for your Christmas gifts.  For those that aren't crafty this is a great place to buy quality handmade items that are filled with love!

This post, as always, is NOT sponsored.  I am sharing these places with you just because either I shop there myself or they look amazing!  As far as I know, all these shops are run by faithful Catholics and all their products are made with love.  Enjoy!

Heather is an amazing artist.  I have a print of this lovely painting that my daughter gave me for Mother's Day. She has a tone of great work in her shop, including some lovely Christmas postcards!

Have you seen these beautiful wooden toys??  Oh my!  They are absolutely lovely.

I have some of her blocks that I got last year.  These amazing toys have held up so well and are still very beloved of all my children.  She is also very helpful and when I had a question, she got back to me right away!

I could not resist sharing this store with you!  Not only does she have downloadable saint fun she is also selling these adorable pennants!  Look at that smile!!

I have had my eye on this shop forever.  Her scapulars are incredibly beautiful.  You can see the love and care in every stitch. I know someone who owns some of her products and she loves them.

I have to admit, right up front... this is my daughter Isabel.  She didn't even ask me to add her shop, but I just had to!  Her little dolls are so cute and she has a beautiful hat in her shop too.

This is a great place to find reasonably priced and adorable jewelry!  She has a great selection of bracelets and more for little ones! Plus she is Tiger's Godmother and sister to the lady right below!

This lady is my Sweet Pea's Godmother and she is incredibly talented!  She made Sweet Pea the loveliest fleece blanket for her baptism with her name embroidered on it.  She makes these lovely dolls as well as some other great things!

This shop has some of the loveliest handmade rosaries I have ever seen.   Ruth has such a talent and her work is something you can truly cherish.

This lovely shop is filled with a ton of great stuff!  She also runs the great blog Life, Love, & Sacred Art.   I was blessed last Mother's Day to receive one of her exquisite necklaces from my husband.  I wear it every Sunday.

And finally, I would be remiss in not mentioning my own shop:

If you are handy with a hook or a pair of needles check out my patterns.  If not, well, there is a 

giveaway planned this Wednesday 

for one of my handmade dolls and the release of a new pattern... so make sure you check back soon!!

Know of any great Etsy shops?  Make sure to share them in the comments, especially if it is your own shop!  I would love to see what other gems you all know about, too.


  1. Replies
    1. Of course I did, Barbara. You won for finding it first! Come back and join the giveaway on Wednesday!

    2. I thought it might have been part of that "homemade" charm. I've been known to make many a rosary with nine Hail Marys -- always the strung ones and then I have to take the entire thing apart. And Lord knows I can't count when knitting!

    3. LOL. Thank you Barbara! And I LOVE your rosaries. Buttercup cherishes her Holy Communion one you made.

  2. Wow! Thank you for adding my shop, StellaMarigoldArt to your list! I'm so happy you like my scapulars! I do love making them, and I pray for all my customers, who are always a joy to work with. I think you and your daughter have fabric dolls covered (they are just darling), but for little ones, I also sell coloring pages and paper dolls of the saints. God bless you and your family!


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