Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Handmade Christmas 2015: Quick Christmas Crafting

Every year I try and make something for all my kids.  The more kids I have the more complicated this gets!  Some years I can pull off quite a few things and some years they just get hats.  I just love being able to give them something that I put my time and love into.

Pillowcases! One pretty quick thing you can make up for your kids is a pillowcase (click the link for an easy tutorial I found on You Tube). These are always fun and if you have the gumption you can always embroider their names on the cuff!  Here is a bunch of posts that show off some of the pillowcases I have made.

Peg dolls!  I adore making them.  These are so fun and if you are working on saints, you can actually learn a lot about them.  These have always been a huge hit with my kids.  I have been planning on trying to make them a nativity set this year.  Wish me luck!  For posts on some of the peg dolls I made click here, for awesome ideas check out my Pinterest board:
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Hats!  If you are a knitter or a crocheter, you know you can whip out a hat pretty quick!  When you are making for more than one person, hats can be a great way to make up something quickly, yet also be able to make something special from the heart.  Just because it is quick to make, doesn't mean it is quick on the love.  For some great ideas on all knitting and crochet, you can check out my Ravelry Queue and the boards below on Pintertest!
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Toys!  Of course, right?  Also check the boards above for some great toy ideas.  I also have a few on my sewing board on Pinterest.  You can make up A sweet little felt doll super fast.  Oh and if you crochet... There is always my doll patterns!  You knew that was coming, right?  You can click the links in the sidebar, or visit my Etsy shop for patterns.

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Most of all, don't worry!  You have plenty of time to get somethings made.  And if they don't get finished in time?  Then you are on top of things for Easter!  
Have fun crafting!

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