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This is an ongoing list of links geared towards homeschooling.  It ranges from pre-school to high school (and beyond!).  I do not endorse any of these site in particular, only that we have found them to be helpful in our own homeschooling journey.

One thing I would also like to recommend is Netflix.  You can get instant streaming to your home TV of thousands of documentaries, science shows, and more.  It is truly worth the money.  **My only warning?  Instant streaming has no parental controls.  Even just flipping through certain genres you will come upon things that you may not want your children to see.  My advice is for the adults in the house to do searches and put things of interest in the Instant Queue.  This is the first thing on the screen that comes up and beneath it is thing recently watched.  This should avoid any issues you might have.


Freely Educate
Mater Amabilis
Mother of Divine Grace (great reading lists!!!  Look in their book lists by grade)
Kidport (Bunch of stuff for up to 8th grade)
BBC Schools
Kahn Academy
Yahoo Kids: Study
Open Yale FREE introductory courses on a variety of subjects from Yale University! (high school)

Art Projects for Kids


Current Events:
Real Catholic TV (There are some free videos but for  $10 a month fee you have complete access to all of their programming)
The Rebelution (Done by a pair of teen homeschooled boys from Oregon!)
      *Modesty Survey

English & Writing:
Librivox (FREE audio downloads for books in the public domain)
    Children's Literature on Librivox 
Books Should Be Free
Grammar for Grades 1-6 (FREE!)
English Grammar 101 (Middle School and High School)
** NEW**Essay Types 


Amazing Handwriting Worksheet Maker
ABC teach
George Washington's Rules of Civility
Animated Cursive Page **


Math ABC
Free & Inexpensive Math
AAA Math
Worksheet Generator
Kahn Academy - There are many more resources on here than just Math.  I wanted to put it here in particular since a lot of people use just this website for their entire math curriculum!  From just my first few visits, I would not think it would work for early elementary, but it looks great for later grades.  Plus it goes all the way up to Calculus 4!
**NEW** Thinkwell- This is amazing!  Not free, but is highly recommended by ab teacher I know.  Math for 6th grade and up!

Along the Alphabet Path
     *More ideas for Alphabet Path
Progressive Phonics

BBC Science Clips
Science News for Kids
     Kids Astronomy
      The Periodic Table of Videos (middle/ high school)
      Interactive Periodic Table of Elements (middle/ high school)

Social Studies:
CIA World Factbook

AAA Spelling


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